About my photography

My venture into photography began with a fascination for nature and a desire to capture its intricate and transient beauty. After years of photographing and filming nature, my interests gradually shifted towards product photography. This transition brought forth new artistic possibilities, leading me to explore uncharted areas within the field of photography.

I embarked on this new journey by experimenting with various styles and techniques, striving to discover my unique artistic approach. Upon analyzing the works of fellow photographers, I noticed prevalent trends such as repetitive styles, the use of synthetic props, and excessive photo manipulation, which did not align with my artistic vision. Determined to forge my own path, I delved deeper into my exploration.

It was at this stage that I came up with the idea of ​​ecophotography. Although this term was not commonly associated with product photography, I attempted to define it in the context of my work. This pivotal decision allowed me to combine my passion for photography with my core values, resulting in something truly unique and inspiring.

Presently, I specialize in product photography broadly, yet my heart remains devoted to ecophotography. My engagement in this field encompasses both practical aspects, through conducting photo sessions in this aesthetic, and theoretical dimensions, by maintaining a blog dedicated to this topic.

I encourage you to explore my photography services, which will showcase the value and beauty of your products. Whether for marketing campaigns or social media platforms, I am committed to crafting imaginative photographs that accentuate the distinctiveness of your brand.

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